Open by audition-interview to students ages 12-19 who want to achieve higher levels of musicianship, challenge themselves in repertoire and practice, or explore music as a career.

“Celeste is a unique find in piano instruction.  Her teaching emphasizes helping students understand how music works through aural skills, physical movement, reading notation, and injury prevention, giving wonderful skills to the student.  At the same time she enhances the student’s ability to emote and explore their own musical thoughts and ideas in a fun environment. In addition, we appreciate her giving opportunity for performance in a variety of settings.” – A.

“I’ve observed my children taking piano lessons from several different teachers, but I am most impressed with Celeste at Watson Music. She is a natural teacher and gifted pianist and teacher. My son, who had developed performance anxiety issues, came to Celeste for help. Within several months of re-training, his anxiety lessened significantly, and his confidence was restored.” – J.

Weekly Applied Lessons

(60 minutes)

Students explore multi-level piano repertoire with integrated technique and keyboard skills. Emphasis is placed on building healthy practice habits, structurally understanding the repertoire, and preparing for a variety of performance venues. A weekly practice commitment is required.

Weekly Musicianship Class

In these small group workshops, students learn music theory and aural skills through tonal and rhythm solfege, functional harmony, and part singing leading to fluency in improvisation, transposition, and composition. Students also learn to give and receive feedback and prepare for public performances.

Masterclasses and Recitals

(once per week)

Students work with a guest master teachers each week.

Pedagogy Mentorship

Students observe master teachers, learn the foundations of pedagogy, student teach a beginner, and receive feedback from a master teacher. The mentorship may be continued with intermediate student teaching.

Come, make a musical life!