Celeste has a passion for helping others enjoy music by playing the piano with exciting musically and scientifically-informed technique. She works to develop in each student both the joy of being an artist and the discipline of developing a skill. As a student, she won numerous competitions, including the Anderson Concerto Auditions, and performed with the Hutchinson Symphony Orchestra. After giving up piano because of a playing-related injury, she completed a masters’ degree in Biblical Languages and worked outside of the music industry for several years. After an intensive period of technical and musical retraining with Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink, Celeste returned to an active schedule of playing and teaching.

She holds a Certificate in Injury-Preventative Keyboard Technique and is a candidate for the masters’ degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy at Salem College. Her teachers include Dr. Barbara Lister-Sink, Dr. Dan Masterson, Sylvia Wolcott, Donna Reimer, and Eldora Franklin.  Playing the piano continues to challenge and grow her both as an artist and as a human being, and she works to help each of her students experience that same joy and growth.