The Lister-Sink Method

I remember exactly where I was standing when I knew what I would do for the rest of my life. I had been experiencing intense pain while playing the piano, and doctors and other medical professionals had not found a diagnosis or treatment for my pain. Standing next to a wooden dresser in a bedroom, I vowed that if I ever found a solution to my injury, I would spend the rest of my life helping other people look for answers for their injuries.

It took over 10 years to find solutions, but finally through the help of specialists, physical therapists, alternative therapies, supportive colleagues, and the Lister-Sink Method, I was able to play the piano with freedom, command, and joy.

What is the Lister-Sink Method?

The Lister-Sink Method of Injury Preventative Keyboard Technique helps each musician excel in artistry through well-coordinated use of the body. Performers and teachers explore optimal skeletal alignment, kinesthetic awareness, and efficient muscle use to maximize their musical potential.

What does training look like?

This training includes recommendations of medical providers experienced in diagnosing and rehabilitating playing-related and non-playing related injuries, as well as a return-to-play mentorship customized to each keyboardists’ unique needs and guided step-by-step by a Lister-Sink Method certified instructor. Retraining your movement and technique at the piano enables you to play comfortably, powerfully, and musically, and significantly reduces the possibility of the injury recurring later in life.

There is hope for you, too.

As someone who struggled with intense physical pain at the piano for over 10 years and eventually found lasting solutions, I know what it is to walk through injury. If you’ve been experiencing a playing-related injury or pain related to the keyboard, know that pain is not normal and there are solutions. If you would like learn more about Lister-Sink Method training, let’s set up an appointment to talk.


“Studying with Celeste was a transformative experience. She creates a safe and tangible learning environment that is calm, patient, and adaptable. Whatever issue with my playing I presented, Celeste was able to address it with curiosity and command. I’m so grateful for the new direction that she took me in regarding technique and body awareness!” – B

“Celeste is a thoughtful, observant, and knowledgeable teacher. Her explanation of piano technique was clear and tailored to my needs and progress. I was impressed with the adjustments she was able to notice and fine tune, especially through our video calls. If you are looking to begin your journey in injury-preventative technique, Celeste will guide you through a great foundation!” – K.

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