Piano Lessons

Piano lessons for the whole person! Students’ artistry, musical understanding, physical skills, sense of wonder, and a love of beauty all grow through sequential, inquisitive piano instruction. Students at Watson Music learn piano through developing relationships with folk songs, classical music, their own creativity, and great musicians of the past and present. Developmentally appropriate, research-based private lessons build skill and joy in beginning through advanced students.

“You are an amazing musician and the kindest teacher I have ever seen, so full of love for the student.”- A.

“One of the things I love is the self-regulation you teach. E used to have a lot of anxiety about any kind of performance – she would just shut down, and now you see her in the classes. She just plays!” – L.

Private Lessons

Experience beauty and artistry, build your musical vocabulary, develop well-coordinated technique, and learn to read music notation in private lessons.

Use your skills to play music you love and create your own music. Each week we focus on improvisation and composition.

Musicianship Class

Play in piano ensembles, sing together, give and receive constructive feedback, and build community in weekly Musicianship Class.

Share music with others! Performances in studio class, recitals, masterclasses, and monthly retirement community concerts are opportunities to be generous with music.

What’s Included

Weekly Private Lessons: Repertoire, aural skills, technique, composition
Weekly Musicianship Class: Piano ensemble, improvisation, part-singing, and music theory
Performances Opportunities: Seasonal concerts, optional monthly recitals, and festivals. Coaching for festivals, exams, and competitions by request

Students at Watson Music

  • Are ready to explore, create, move, and sing
  • Have a piano to make music on
  • Love to listen to music

Families at Watson Music

  • Enjoy their favorite music together as a family
  • Help their child set regular routines of playing the piano 2-3 times each day
  • Listen to assigned pieces and recordings each day 
  • Are interested in pursuing piano over the long-term
  • Help their child feel loved and valued as a person apart from their success at the piano
  • Celebrate their children’s success together

“Thank you for teaching me amazing songs and the proper technique for piano. I have had so much fun with you.” – Allison, age 9

“The piano is fun to play, and Mrs. Celeste is the best. I like the piano because I have someone to share it with.” – Maia, age 7

“Dear Piano: I love the way you sound, so graceful. I love the way your keys feel when I am playing you. You make me happy inside. You make me feel calm and peaceful.” – Avery, age 10

Come, make a musical life!